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Placing an announcement


An Announcement is a message from the Instructor or Teaching Assistant to all of the users in a course. The communication is in one direction.

Navigate to the menu area “Announcements” within a course. (In Dutch this is “mededelingen”)

Or click Announcements within the menu area “Course Tools”

  • Make sure that the [Edit Mode] is [On].
  • Click [Create Announcement].
  • Give the announcement a [Subject].
  • Type the full announcement under [Message].

  • Under [Web Announcement Options] these options can be configured:
  • [Duration]: A [Permanent] announcement is always visible. Most announcements are [Date Restricted]. If an announcement is [Date Restricted] but no date is entered at [Select Date Restrictions] the announcement will be visible for 7 days.
  • An announcement can also be emailed. To do this check the box next to [Send a copy of this announcement immediately].
  • Under [Course Link] you can create a hyperlink to a course location to which the announcement pertains (for example a location that contains a class presentation or the answer key for a course assignment). Click [Browse] and go to the appropriate location folder and item in the course menu within the popup window. By clicking the item the path to that item will be entered behind [Location].
  • [Submit]

If the menu area [Announcements] is configured as [Entry Point] of the course course users will not be able to overlook an announcement. On the home page [My Institution] the announcements from all courses are collected under [My Announcements]. The user can choose whether he wants to see the announcements of the last 7 days of the last 30 days or all announcements.

Sometimes it happens that new Announcements do not appear at the top.
Solution: – between the announcements there is the following: “New announcements appear below this line———————————-“Place this at the top, now the announcements appear in the right order.


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