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Creating an item


You can create an item in a course within Blackboard and, by doing so, make content available for users in your course.

You can only add an item when the [Edit Mode] is [On]

Navigate to a course, within the Coursemenu, click a link to a Content-area (in our example this is “Documenten”) or another menu area where you want to add content.

Hover over “Build Content” and Click [Item] in the column “Create”.

“Content Information”, enter a subject next to [Name], at “Color of Name”, pick a color for displaying the name.

  • Click [Apply].
  • Under [Attachments], click [Browse My Computer]. Subsequently, select the file on your computer that you want to make available.

Under [Options], indicate:
Whether the item should be available to users. If so, select [Yes] next to [Permit Users to View this Content].
Whether the number of times the item is consulted should be tracked. If so, select [Yes] next to [Track Number of Views].
After and until what date and time the item should be available to users.
Click [Submit].

If you configure an end time for the availability of the item, it is not visible to users after that end time, but is still visible for the Instructors, Teachers, Course Builders and Teaching Assistants.

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