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Moving an item


Moving an item

In a course within Blackboard, you can move already existing items.
You can only move an item when the [Edit Mode] is [On]

Navigate to a course.
In the Coursemenu click an item that contains “Content” (In our example this is “Documenten”).

In the list of items, hover the mouse over the items, you will see when they are “high-lighted” on the left side a double-sided arrow appears. [Leftclick and hold the left mouse button pressed], while you drag the item to the desired position, then release the mouse button.

After releasing the mousebutton the item is placed on it’s new position.
If for some reason the instruction above doesn’t work for you, there is an alternative. (The re-order button)

  • Click this buttonĀ 

The following screen will appear.

  • Click the item which you want to move.
  • Now click the up or down arrow (within that same screen) you will see the Item moves.
  • Now click [Submit] a message will appear telling you that your items have been re-ordered, click [OK]

On many locations within Blackboard you can reorder items in the two ways described above. Also for example within the Coursemenu.


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