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Using audio clips


Instructors, Teachers, Course Builders and Teaching Assistents can offer an adio-clip within the Course. This can be done in two ways:

Placing the audio clip as a seperate item (this is covered in this single).
Placing the audio clip as an attachment to an item (Click here…).

The following audio formats can be added in Blackboard:

  1. .aiff
  2. .asf
  3. .moov
  4. .mov
  5. .mp
  6. .wav
  7. .wma
  8. .wmv

Navigate to a Course in which you are Instructor or TA.
Click a “Content-area” within the Coursemenu (In our example this is “Documenten”).

      • Hover the the mouse over “Build Content” and click under the section “Create” on [Audio].

A new screen will open:

      • Under “Name” add a logical name.
      • At “Color of name” choose a color for the name and click [Apply].
      • Now click [Browse My Computer] (or [Browse Content Collection] depending on where your file is located) navigate to the file select it and Click “open”

You will now see the filename of the Audio-clip to the right of “Selected File File Name” below this there is the “File Type”.

        1. At AUDIO OPTIONS you can determine if the Audio-file should “Autostart” if it needs to repeat itself “Loop”. (Also you can “Include Transcript” upload a file for those who are not able to hear the Audio-Clip, so they still know what it’s all about.)

        1. At “STANDARD OPTIONS” you can set if users are allowed to open the file “Permit Users to View this Content”, also you can track the visitors “Track Number of Views” and you can determine from and until when it should be available.
        2. Now click [Submit]   and the Audio-item will be placed at the bottom of all your Items.


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