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Preparing an assignment


Using Assignment, student assignments can be collected in an easy way. Assignments are created in the content area of a course or organization. After being turned in, the assignments can be downloaded for grading individually or in bulk.

Using the Grade Center, the results and possible commentary can be disclosed to the student.

  • Make sure that the Edit Mode is [On]. 

Navigate to a course and select a “Content area” within the Course. In our example this is “Documenten”.
Hover the mouse over “Assessments” and click [Assignment]

  • In the field “Name and Color”, enter the name of the assignment and, if desired, write a clarification in the field “Instructions”.

  • Click the button [Browse My Computer] and select the desired additional file to attach.

Here you can select a date and time for the assignment to be marked Late. The student gets a notification, but the assignment is still accepted by Blackboard.


  • In the field “Points Possible”, enter the amount of points that can be earned. You can also use a rubric for Grading. (Want to know how to work with Rubrics? Click here…)

As you can see above there are three extra options for grading, which you can use:

  1. Submission Details
    Here you can Choose if an Assignment is for a “single user” if it’s a “Group Submission” or if it is a “Portfolio Submission” you can also determine the ammount of attempts and if there are more attempts, which score should be used.
  2. Grading Options
    Two options here: “Enable Anonymous Grading” (Student names are hidden during the grading process.) and “Enable Delegated Grading” (Delegate grading responsibilities to one or more additional grader.)
  3. Display of Grades

    At “Display grade as” You can choose:
  • Check the box [Make the Assignment Available] and if desired, indicate the exact period of availability for date as well as for time, you can also choose to “Track number of Views”

Now click [Submit].


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