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Making a Self and Peer Assessment


This enables the students to assess their own work, or the work of fellow students. Using self-evaluation, the students can check and grade their work. For this, they have to employ criteria that are determined by the Instructor. Peer Assessment means that students can check the work that is turned in by fellow students. They have to employ predetermined criteria, after which they can compare their answers and give constructive criticism.

Make sure that the Edit Mode is [On]. 

  • Open the course to which you want to add the Assessment.

Within the Coursemenu click on a content-area “Documenten” (In our example) or any other content area within the Coursemenu.

  • Hover over “Assessments and click the button [Self and Peer Assessment].

  • Choose between making a new assessment form and importing an assessment form that already exists.

  • In the field [Name], enter the name of the assessment and, if necessary, write a clarification in the field [Instructions]. The name will also be recorded in the Grade Center!

  • Using Submission Dates, determine the period of time in which the assessment will be available using [Start Date] and [End Date] and time.

  • Using Evaluation Dates, determine the period of time in which the evaluation should be filled in using [Start Date] and [End Date] and time.

  • A further clarification of the options for anonymity and reporting is included in the “Options-section” Accordingly, if only self-assessment is needed, choose for 0 at “Number of Submissions to Evaluate”.

  • At “Make the assessment available”, check [Yes] if the evaluation should be visible. Here you can also determine the period of time in which the evaluation is available using [Display After] en [Display Until].

Now click the button [Submit].

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