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Context: Self and Peer Assessment


Context: Self and Peer Assessment
This enables students to assess their own work, or the work of fellow students. Using self-evaluation, the students can check and grade their work.

For this, they have to employ criteria that are determined by the Instructor. Peer Assessment means that students can check the work that is turned in by fellow students.

They have to employ predetermined criteria, after which they can compare their answers and give constructive criticism.
The criteria for a question form a method to evaluate the answers to that question. The number of criteria can vary from one (“The question has been answered=4”) to a large quantity:

  • Does the answer place the subject matter in the broader context of the subject?
  • Is the answer properly organized and is the layout clear?
  • Is the answer carefully read over? No severe grammatical errors, spelling errors or typos?
  • Instructors can also plan assessments, so that there is enough time to send in papers and evaluate them. Doing this, they can also take into account the time that is necessary to consult the content items that may be attached to the assessment.

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