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Using the Calendar


With the course calendar, important events concerning the course can be presented. The dates and events are visible to all course participants.

Navigate to a Course your Course in which you are Instructor or TA and wish to add the calendar.

  • In the column “Course Management”, click the button [Course Tools], then [Course Calendar].
  • In the top-left of the Calendar you see 3 icons those represent “view by day”, “view by week” or “view by month”.
  • Navigate to the desired date and then click the [+ button] (Right upper corner within the calendar screen).
  • This opens a new window (pop-up)

  • In the field “New Event Name”, enter the name of the event and, if necessary, enter a description in the field “Event Description”. You can also determine the startdate and enddate of the event and choose if it lasts all day and if it is a repeating event
  • When checking “repeat” you can set it to:

  • daily
  • weekly
  • monthly
  • Also you can choose on which day, what the interval is and when the “repeat” should stop.

    When you click the button [Save] your calendar-item is placed in the Calendar.

    Below a Calendar demo….


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