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Manual LockDown Browser (Student – ENG)


For the visually impaired, read here how you can enlarge your Lock Down Browser screen…

Manual LockDown Browser (Student – ENG)

To be able to take an assignment/test which requires the LDB, you need to install software on your PC/Laptop
You will be able to recognize this because it’s announced next to the test. (See image below)

LDB @ Avans

Assure yourself that you are using the most recent version, with the older version you might encounter problems while taking a test. (for example not getting past question one.)

In the Avans environment the LDB software is already available.
Click [Start] and type “Lock” in the searchfield….
Click LockDownBrowser Installatie

Outside Avans (Non-Avans devices)

Installing the Software
You can obtain the software here

Install the software

Click [Run] twice

Attention! : If you get the above screen, the LDB is already installed on your pc and you can continue to
Start -> Programs -> Respondus -> LockDown Browser

Upon first installation the screen below will appear

Click [Next]
Accept the License Agreement and click [Next]

Accept the standard path and click [Next]

Click [Install]

Click [Finish]

The LockDown Browser is now installed on your PC and can be started

Attention! First close Blackboard completely, so log off and close the Webbrowser.

Now start up the LockDown Browser (see image)

Start -> Programs -> Respondus -> LockDown Browser

The top of the LDB looks like this:

If it looks different somehow, you will NOT be able to make the test

After singing on to Blackboard the LDB-menubar might look as follows:
You notice that a webcam icon has been added, Don’t click this icon! Your LDB will crash if you do.

If there are any other programms active on your PC LDB might ask you to shut them down.

Sometimes the Backspace-key might not function within a textfield of a question. In that case click on the spot where you want to remove something and press the “Del” key.

LDB starts up with Blackboard, log on as you normally do and navigate to the test.

Make the test as you are used to.
Attention! Check that there is no password required unless the teacher told you otherwise.

All Windows key combinations are blocked, to still be able to type letters with accents click in the right upper corner on
 Now choose the desired symbol.

If you try to make the test in a normal webbrowser you will be prompted for a password.
Solution: Shut down Blackboard and start the LDB, now log on and navigate to the test.

14-11-2013 Now also available (for free through iTunes) the LockDown Browser App for I-Pad.
Click here for specs and download.

Behind the i button there is a font-size and zoomlevel option, with this you can enlarge your views within the LDB.
Also you can use CTRL in combination with the scrollwheel.

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